This week has been rubbish. The assignments are piling up and generally I’ve just been feeling bleh. I wouldn’t say I’m feeling homesick as such, at least, not for a place. But this is the week when the reality of months of not seeing all the people back home that I know, and love, and am so used to seeing everyday is setting in. I’m ready to go home, perhaps not straight away, but soon. So that’s where I’m at.

Anyway, moving onto WIPpet. A lot of you last week wanted answers. I’m not sure I can give them to you just yet, at least not in prose. I could maybe do a quick history lesson? Let me know. :)

Due to general bleh-ness and essay related stress, I’ve added a grand total of 0 words to SSHK this week. *sounds of trumpeters being pushed over a cliff*

For today, though, 22 (25 minus 3 for the month) words. Contextless. Meaningless. Also rather accurately summarised current mood.

Red dust hung heavy in the early morning air, agitated to rebellion by the fierce easterly wind. Nothing was in its place.

I look forward to reading all of your own WIPpets :)

For Once, Wednesday Didn’t Take Me By Surprise

The blue skies and bitter cold of winter have been replaced by spring’s grey clouds and rain. As the end of term draws increasingly near, I’ve been giving some thought to where I want to go once all my essays are out of the way. Although, with only one out of four essays completed, any travel is still a while away. Despite the increasing workload (or most likely because of it), I’ve had some time over the last week to work on SSHK. A lot of that was written to music. I’m still not a hundred percent sold on the idea of listening to music while writing. It can be distracting but there is one album that I’ve trained myself to be able to write to. There’s a version of it on youtube that has all the songs in one video so there is an order and pattern to it and it always starts with the same song. Now every time I hear that song, I feel the urge to sit down and be productive. The great thing is that it works for both essays and fiction writing. One song in particular was pretty inspirational last night for reasons I cannot yet disclose.

Thoughts? I know that style of music is not everyone’s cup of tea.

But enough babble – onto the main show! Today we have yet another new character to introduce to you. Zyr is nineteen and his parents may or may not have had something to do with the demise of the previous Four. He is sitting by his mother’s death bed, remembering the good times.

180 words for the 18th.

The door swung open, squealing on its hinges and startling Zyr from his memories. He looked up, shading his eyes against the fierce sunlight to make out the figure in the doorway.

“Hanif?” Zyr said, “What is it?”

“I have news,” Hanif replied, “from Lahiba.”

As his eyes begun to adjust to the light, Zyr noted the dust caked onto his clothes. He must have ridden from the city without rest. Zyr jumped to his feet and ushered the older man in.

“Sit, sit. You must be exhausted.” Gratefully, Hanif sat. “What news?”

Hanif’s eyes flicked to Miri’s prone figure on the bed. He wrung his hands.

“Well?” Zyr snapped, “Don’t come in here while I sit with my dying mother and then refuse to speak.”

Hanif sighed, “I am sorry to be the bearer of this news, Zyr, but the Flame has spoken.”

Zyr felt his breath freeze in his throat. Fear and anger waged war in his chest. “So,” he said eventually, his voice low and tight, his gaze fixed on the floor, “the Four have been Named?”


Three Years On…

It would appear to be my three year blogging anniversary. That snuck up on me quickly! The last three years seem to have flown by but I have learnt so much over that time.

When I began this blog, I had just finished high school and was on a gap year. I had almost finished my rewrite of Queen of Hearts and had spent the previous summer working on Rebellion Rising. This blog was designed to motivate me to keep writing by sharing my experiences with others but it has become much more than that. It has become a way for me to connect to a community of writers who have helped me grow as a writer. They’ve given me the confidence to share my work and I am indebted to them, and to all my other readers.

Here’s to many more years of writing, learning and living. :)

Spring has Sprung

Despite the persistent cold and the snow that fell last week, spring in Edinburgh is now well and truly in full swing. Flowers are blooming in the meadows and, when it’s not raining, the sky is a brilliant blue. Unfortunately, I haven’t really seen much of the weather because I’ve been stuck inside writing my linguistics essays.

Due to essays, non-academic writing has taken the back-burner this week. But anyway, enough of that. Onto the WIPpet. Thank you, as always, to our host K.L. Schwengel and you can find the rest of the WIPpeteers  here.Today we have 11 words from SSHK, plus the following sentence because they go together.

Context: The Regent, Daviz, has been overseeing things since the last Four were assassinated nearly twenty years earlier. He also happens to be the son of the last King and Sorcerer. He has just found out about the Naming.

“Oh, Tamar,” Daviz sighed, “I was having such a pleasant evening.”

Tamar shrugged, her eyes were devoid of pity, “And I was having such a nice life until the last Four decided to ruin it.”

Hope your week was and is amazing and that any snow soon makes way for flowers. :)

How is it March already??

This year seems to be passing so incredibly quickly. I think it’s partially due to that fact that I’m already 8 weeks into semester whereas back home, this would be the first week back. Which is insane. Despite essays dealines looming, or perhaps because of them, I actually wrote quite a bit of SSHK this week. When I planned out my week on Sunday night, I had the vague requirement of writing 800 words of it. I think I wrote all that on Monday night and as of last night, I’m onto Chapter Two (according to the plan I wrote up a few weeks ago). The word count for my essay is looking a lot less healthy…

Thank you, as always, to our host K.L. Schwengel and you can find the rest of we mad WIPpeteers  here.

As today is the 4th (and each entry must relate in some way to the date), here in an excerpt from scene 4. Introducing a new character, Maisha, though you may remember the name from an earlier snippet.

The context: She returns home at dawn from a heavy night of drinking and canoodling with her boyf, feeling pretty much on top of the world and completely off her guard. She arrives home to a surprise.

Maisha looked the woman up and down, from her polished boots to the thick auburn hair framing her face. She was shorter than Maisha but then, most people were.

“Maisha,” the woman said, “I am Jahinda, priestess of Memset, and a Finder.”

Maisha furrowed her brows. There was something significant about this. She could tell from the expressions of the others in the room but she couldn’t think through the alcohol fog to remember what it was. “Are you recruiting me to the priesthood?” she asked, then laughed at the ridiculous of the notion. She regarded the gods the same way she regarded the suns ability to stay suspended in the sky – mostly certain but with a healthy dose of suspicion.

The woman, Jahinda, smiled, “No, Maisha. The Sacred Flame of Deshral has chosen you to become one of the Four who rule Erelda, the Soldier.”

Maisha looked to her father and back to the priestess, “No, I’m not.”

WIPpet for Wednesday

Hello all! I’m pleased to report that I had an amazing time in England and Wales over the last week though the return to reality was rather harsh. I did do a WIPpet Wednesday post last week as well but I scheduled it and didn’t have the facilities to add it to the link so I’ve put that link up on the linky thing today as well. :) It might be worth taking a look because it leads straight into today’s passage.

Thanks as always to the incredible K.L. Schwengel who hosts these shenanigans and also a huge congratulations to our own Kate Sparkes  who’s celebrating the unveiling of her latest book’s cover! You can find the other WIPeteers (like musketeers but without the hats – sometimes) here. :)

Today’s offering is from SSHK and relates to the date because I wrote it today! Sometimes, I astound myself with my levels of preparedness. Or lack thereof. As I mentioned earlier, it follows on from last week. :)

The ritual formalities over, the six Finders took their seats around the oval table. Fiana remained standing. “Deshral, He who is Flame, the Maker and the Destroyer, Who was and is and will come to be, has spoken. I should not need to remind you that what lies ahead is the most important task in your lives. Every moment of preparation and prayer, every census you have memorised and skill you have learnt, has lead you to this room today.” Fiana paused, her voice softening, “We have waited twenty years for the Flame to speak. Long years. Though it is perhaps unwise to say it, to criticise the gods, the last Four were not kind nor noble. They did more harm than good and in the decades since they died, things have not improved. We are at a turning point for Erelda – you are entrusted with training and shaping the Four whose fates will decide whether this nation falls or triumphs.”

Jahinda’s heart swelled with pride and she sat straighter in her seat but the others did not look quite so comfortable. They doubted. But she knew she was chosen, chosen by the gods for this task. When Memset had called her to Her temple, her family had tried to dissuade her. Jahinda hadn’t listened. And now, everything she’d worked for was in motion.