A few snippets…

As promised here are a few slightly poetical scribblings. They aren’t great or perfect or necessarily very poetic either but here you go regardless. Enjoy 🙂

“Who am I? I cry to ther wind,

That this hould fall to me?

What power sets me above all others

That I into this dark future see?

Which faerie at my wretched birth,

declared my prominence in this hour?

Where from did this foul quest spring?

I am not made for prophecy or power.”

“When all comes to naught and pride is lost, what matters these earthly binds if still a hope of victory lives?”

Admittedly, the above was more of a crafted thought than a poem but never mind the technicality.

And last but possibly not least (although that is a matter of opinion)

“And beside his cold body she lay,

Until day turned to night and night to day.”

Feedback would be nice but forgive me if they are a litttle disjointed, non-sequetus or otherwise random, they’re from a note pad I have on my desk and that’s where I jot down little words and thoughts. 🙂

Word Count: 11034 words!!!

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