Progress is sweet.

Today, I passed the 20,000 words mark! Yay! Of the first draft…so there’s still along way to go but progress is progress.

Also, I’ve been collecting a list of names of the last few days (first and last) and also some naming rules so that when I need a new character I have a list to draw upon. Hopefully this will come in handy as the novel progresses. 🙂

Word Count: 20,046 words.

That’s all for now, folks. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Progress is sweet.

      • blindkingofbohemia says:

        I completed the first draft of Under a Burning Sky about a month ago, and I’ve now rewritten two chapters (roughly 12k words), as well as planning the whole first section of A Cool Wind Blowing. It’s a long way off though – might hit shelves around September next year.

      • blindkingofbohemia says:

        I’m going down the self-publishing route, if and when I can raise the money for professional editing et cetera. I submitted to a traditional publisher until I was accepted, in order to satisfy my dreams of being accepted traditionally, and now I’m going to self-pub.

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