Ideas Needed!!

Does anyone know how to get in and out of a heavily guarded, basically impregnable medieval fortress?

No, seriously, if you do, tell me HOW!! RE: my earlier post, I went with the character, as I knew I had to, and now have to get him out of above fortress. However, despite my MC’s tendency to do stupid things and ignore me completely, I managed to keep his companion from falling into the same trap as he did.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that he is now stuck in a huge stone fortress, guarded by the enemy, in a foreign country where they know nobody, destined for the executioners block, with only one person to help him out. How do I get him out without some cliched, deus ex machina maneuver!?

Any and all advice welcome!!!

6 thoughts on “Ideas Needed!!

  1. katkasia says:

    Many of those fortresses – like the Crusader castles in the Middle East, have secret tunnels which lead out to a much smaller building way down the valley, which looks like a cow shed.
    Hot air balloon? I believe a giant timber horse was quite effective for some Greeks once to get in to a fortress, but I think they just killed everyone to get out again.
    Marsh gas which the hero is immune to as he has been fishing in the swamps, but which renders all the guards woozy? A huge drunken party amongst the regiment? Disguised as the commandants mother / mistress / barber / persona trainer?
    I’m not sure any of these are very helpful, but thanks, it’s broken up a boring work day beautifully. 🙂

  2. Subtlekate says:

    The tunnel immediately came to my mind too. I grew up in an old stone hall build in the 15th C and it had tunnels should the family need to escape. Dangerous times back then. Depending on where your setting is, you could have the tunnel lead to somewhere interesting.
    Something else that comes to mind is a flying fox.

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