Just an observation

With my first novel, the idea for it sprang unbidden from the depths of my imagination and ran away from me so quickly and impossibly broadly that I could not catch it or keep it contained and in order. I simply didn’t have the writing experience to be able to do so. As a result, I know everything that happens but not necessarily in what order. I wrote each scene as it came to me. Now I have a collection of standalone scenes which will take months or even years to sort out and bind together.

So when I decided to write a sequel, I made a decision that, regardless of temptation, I would write the story from start to end and worry about the rest of it later. This has been a slow progress but I feel more satisfied with it because I have a more solid idea of where I am, what progress I have made and a firmer sense of direction. This piece of writing seems more real and tangible because of its continuity whereas my previous work would make no sense to an uninitiated reader as most of the content, the background and the subtle and exciting links exist only in my mind.

Still, despite my focus being on my current WIP rather than its prequel, it is the initial work which continues to haunt my every waking moment, and often many of my unconscious ones. It feels like I never really put it aside because it lives in me so completely. And although the task is challenging, as soon as I’ve finished the first draft for my WIP, I’ll return to the characters and places I love and see if I can make a sensical draft of it. 🙂

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