A day. A writing day.

Today was a hard slog. It was my day off so I spent my day telling myself to write. First of all, I sat down and watched the olympics then I checked wordpress. Then my email. While the olympics was still playing out its hopes and dreams on the television. I opened my WIP. Scrolled down 43 pages. Stared at what I’d written. Checked wordpress again. Surprisingly, no change in the last five minutes. Made a post so the pretty orange symbol in the top right hand corner would light up. Success. Started writing. Two hours later (and at least six internet checks and some messing around on iTunes) I looked up at the clock. Checked my word count. 300 words written in the past few hours. Goal of getting to 22000 words looking unacheivable. Chance of getting it done by 3 o’clock? Even less promising. Check wordpress again. No change. Curse bloggers for not liking/commenting/following (sorry :)). Go back to document. Write and write and write. 1000 words later and its 3:13. 500 words away from my goal. Decide to go into town, get some luch. Come home. Watch a television show. Slap myself around the head for procrastinating. Sit down at the computer. Write and write and write. Its getting late now but I’m happy to report the following word count:

Word Count: 22,265 words

Not bad, seeing as 1763 words of that were written today, despite my inner, evil anti-writer doing its best to derail me. Best of luck in your own ventures! May your words never fail you!

4 thoughts on “A day. A writing day.

  1. susieslittleinspirations says:

    like you I too had so much to do today but watching the Olympics has taken precedence over everything at the minute much to the annoyance of my children. I enjoyed your post and will continue to read the rest once the bmx racing finishes. x

  2. Writing the Dream says:

    Haha, I understand the feedback addiction, but it sounds like your orange light withdrawals are a matter of maintaining focus more than anything. Sometimes I check Facebook, close the browser and get back to Scrivener, and then literally forty-five seconds later I’m trying to check Facebook again! As if I wasn’t there only a minute before. Hang in there, and get to writing!

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