An Excerpt: This Cowardly Man


So, it’s Sunday and we all know what that means: six sentences. This week, I struggled to find a suitable excerpt. Lately, I’ve been tending towards revealling the endings of a work (as you’ll see in my Wednesday post). The following is perhaps an extreme reaction to an ending; it is the beginning of a short story I wrote around this time last year.


Too often we blame someone for their actions without knowing the reasons behind them.

What I am about to tell you may shock you. Perhaps it will disgust you and I forgive you if you cast judgement, for it is easy to judge when one reads or hears of the deeds and misdeeds of others. So here it is, my revelation.

I told them everything they wanted to know. Oh, they tortured me first, of course; after all, I am known for my absolute discretion, my loyalty. But thus it stands; I, Captain Niccolo Zoltana, childhood companion and closest friend of the king willingly, even happily, though not without a faint note of regret, told the king’s enemies everything they wished to know.

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