Finding the Right Equipment.

Where do you go if you want advice on carpentry? A carpenter.

Where do you go for stonework? A mason.

Where do you go for advice on world-building? A world-building blog written by people who know and are willing to research what they don’t to ensure you get the best possible information when you go about building your own world.

Of course, world-building is a highly subjective and increasingly conflicting topic. Nevertheless, I have gathered for you my 3 Most Trusted World-building Blogs on WordPress. And yes, that does merit capital letters.

In no particular order:

A Way With Worlds

This blog recently moved to its own site and has lost readers as a result which seems a pity as this is the first world-building blog I discovered that answered the questions I wanted to know. It covers topics from how to create a realistic landscape to details of language creation and constructing authentic cultures. Well worth a look.

There and Draft Again

Unlike some world-building blogs, this blog focuses on the minute details of your worlds. While it also covers broader topics, here you will find out how to create realistic fight scenes and how to open your novel. They also post updates on the ever evolving world of fiction, publishing and writing.

Our Creative Evolution

This is a newer blog than the others with less of an established readership yet I believe it has potential. The writers aim seems to be to help writers break free from the constraints of stereotypical genre traits.

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