Why writer’s should take classes.

An age old question presents itself when a writer stares at yet another blank page and wonders how the hell he can justify what he puts there. There’s a  general rule floating in the ether, coined by Malcolm Gladwell, that it takes 10,000 hours to perfect your craft. For many younger writers the concept of ten thousand hours is mindboggling. It equates to 416 days and 16 hours. That’s over a year of dedicated practice, and in case you’re wondering, straing at thescreen willing words to appear doesn’t count. To do something well, you need to practice. Rachmaninov didn’t wake up one day and compose ridiculously difficult piano scores; Hemingway didn’t write a novel without first learning to write.

This is where classes come in. While some of us have the ability to self-teach to a high level, the rest of us lesser mortals must rely on the wisdom of someone older and more experienced to teach us how to do what we think we must. In other words, TAKE THE WRITING CLASS!! EVen if only for a term or a semester, take that writing class. You’ll meet invaluble contacts within the writing industry at the same time as you improve your writing.

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