The Usual Wednesday Fun


Once again, it’s WIPpet Wednesday. Feel free to play along. The rules are simple: Every Wednesday (or on whatever Wednesday(s) during the month you chose to do so) post something from a current WIP, and share the link. The only stipulation is that your post coincides with the date in some fashion. For instance, today is the 6th. If you were posting today, you would post 6 words, 6 lines, 6 paragraphs, something from page 6, the 6th chapter. . . you get the idea, right?


Today, I have what may or may not be the first 6 paragraphs of a longer body of work.

In the darkness there appeared a thousand falling stars that no amount of wishes could extinguish. They fell indiscriminately upon the sleeping city below. The distance made them look like fireflies but not even the distance between the two voyeurs on the mountainside and the city itself could eliminate the piteous screams of the wounded or the acrid stench of smoke and blood drifting on the wind.

“Shouldn’t we…?”

“There is nothing we could do.” the cloaked man replied, pre-empting his junior’s question.

In the citadel the warrior-king prayed earnestly to whoever was listening. Beneath him the city burned and the metallic scent of blood rose in the air like an offering. The screeching of siege weapons and the whistling of arrows combined with the crackling, dancing flames and rumbling stone to compose a haunting melody of death.

On the cold mountainside, the cloaked man stood, shaking out the stiffness in his limbs, “Come on,” he said gruffly to the boy who remained entranced by the twinkling lights of death, “We have a long way to go.”

Reluctantly, the boy stood and followed the cloaked man along the goat trail which led back to their village, nestled safely in one the many mountain valleys. After all, the harvest must be brought in, the seeds stored for next year, walls patched and roofs rethatched. Winter is coming, and life goes on.

6 thoughts on “The Usual Wednesday Fun

  1. Raewyn Hewitt says:

    It took me to the end of the first paragraph to realise the stars weren’t whimsical – but that slow realisation of what is actually happening was quite powerful. The characters appeal too – especially their dispassionate response!

  2. etherealmelody says:

    I clicked the link to see if I would want to play along, but I guess the page was deleted. *shrug* Just my personal opinion, but as a fellow writer I wouldn’t have used the word “Melody” twice in that last sentence of the third paragraph. Also, did you mean to type “Prayer”?

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