Top Ten Favourite Romances


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by thelovely people at The Broke and Bookish.

Today’s topic, as the title suggests, is Top Ten Romances. Ten. Only. How on earth am I meant to choose only ten? Oh well, here goes.

In no particular order;

1. The Doctor and Rose (Doctor Who)

The beauty. The tragedy. If you watch Doctor Who, you know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, well, I can’t possibly explain. You’ll just have to watch them.

2. Amy and Rory Pond (Doctor Who)

The most unpredicatble couple ever yet so cute and so dedicated to each other. Even though both havetheir doubts about their own feelings for eachother and the awkwardness of the Doctor-as-third-wheel in their relationship, in the end, they always choose eachother.

3. Aragorn and Anwen (Lord of the Rings)

The classic conundrum of when two worlds through love collide. How can you not love that?

4. Arya Stark and Gendry (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Perhaps this cannot really be called a romance seeing as Arya is only about 10 at the time and nothing romantic happens between them but still, given five or six years, they’d be perfect for eachother.

5. Sansa Stark and The Hound (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Again, not really a romance so much as serious repressed feelings and not a little sexual tension. Still, I really hope they somehow end up together. The Hound is everything Sansa searches for but in the body of the villains she so much detests.

6. Jon Snow and Ygritte (A Song of Ice and Fire)

There’s no doubt about who wears the pants in this relationship. It’s a pity it came to such a tragic end.

7. Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester (A Song of Ice and Fire)

Some people think Rochester is weird. And creepy. And that Jane is wasting her time with him. I disagree. I think they are perfect for eachother in that Jane draws Rochester out of his morose, irrate shell and he encourages her passionate side thusly preventing her from fading into the doldrum tedium of the Victorian woman.

8. Robin Hood and Marian (Robin Hood, BBC version)

Never one to give in easily, Marian keeps Robin well and truly on his toes and makes him a better person by it.

9. Arthur and Gwen (Merlin)

Tragic and beautiful with all the ups and downs you would expect and a few that you wouldn’t.

10. Kvothe and Denna (The Kingkiller Chronicles)

While there is no conclusive proof these two will end up together, there is no denying their chemistry.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Favourite Romances

  1. Briana says:

    I didn’t think of including Doctor Who at all, but I agree that both pairings are fantastic! I still need to catch up on last season, though.

    I included Eowyn and Faramir, but Arwen and Aragorn are equally acceptable! I should probably have thought of Beren and Luthien as well.

    One of my friends and I have the Rochester debate all the time. I’m in the “he’s creepy” camp. Sorry! Just, the weird gypsy costume, prying into her life, asking her to be his mistress, etc. It IS creepy!

  2. Tin (Rabbitin) says:

    I do like the Ninth with Rose. And for the Tenth it’s a toss up between Rinette (Madame du Pompadour), who waited for him for forever; and Nurse Redfern, who I sort of felt bad for. 😀

    In LOTR, I go for Eowyn and Faramir. But yes to Arthur and Gwen. And I really have to read A Game of Thrones soon. 🙂

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