Knowing when it’s time to move on.

In just over a week, I’ll be moving cities and while I may comeback to my home town to visit, I hope never to live here again. Which brings me to the topic of endings; the first draft of my WIP is so close to completion that its not even funny. Another few scenes, another ten thousand words and hey presto, complete. Yet it has been sitting in this state while I dally and procrastinate at every turn.


Is it the fear of the unknown?

Is it the fear of success?

Perhaps it is the fear that, once complete, I must own it and take responsibility for it?

Every day, I sit down at the computer in the morning and every night I leave it for the final time with barely 10 words different. No longer. I have a week, a single week to finish this cursed project (we can worry about packing later…furniture, clothes, who needs it?). I hope that you will join me in the countdown: Queen of Hearts, first draft, complete 22/2/2013. Let’s make it happen!

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