If you’ve been reading my blog, you know the drill. If you haven’t, go here.


Today’s offering is 13 words from my WIP which also happen to sum up my current existence.

Surrounded by a self-imposed cage of academia, Brythorn stared aimlessly out the window.


11 thoughts on “WIPpet

  1. ReGi McClain says:

    Ooo! Where’d you get the pretty banner? Did you design it yourself? Can I “steal” it for use on my blog?

    Poor Brythorn. I know how he felt. I am definitely not there now, nor am I likely to be there again, but I remember the feeling that comes from taking just one too many classes.

  2. Raewyn Hewitt says:

    What a great 13 words, like ReGi I’m not there now – but it invoked the old memories perfectly. Great WIPpet choice – and I hope you get a bit of space in your own studies.

    (Oh and can I use the banner too… please?).

  3. Krista Walsh says:

    Even though it was a growing number of years ago, I remember those days all too well. Wonderful description. You have a knack for pulling out some brilliant sentences. Can’t wait to see the project as a whole! (and yes, beautiful banner! 😉

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