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Today is the 27th and this is a scene from (sort-of) the 27th page of my WIP (which disguises itself as a unicorn at dress up parties)

A week passed. The palace seemed empty now the majority of lords and ladies had retreated to their own abodes for the winter. Kara, Semaia, Tiemil, Anjez and Brythorn were in the small garden nestled between two jutting wings of the palace.

‘In conclusion, neither the origin of an object nor its perfection can be obtained by or through the sum or exploration of its physical components.’ Brythorn intoned.

Semaia sat on the bench next to him, reading eagerly over his shoulder. ‘By that reckoning-’

‘Nothing is certain. I’m glad you understand it. Sometimes people have difficulty grasping the deeper consequences of the ideas Perakus presents.’

‘It’s really not that difficult.’ Tiemil flippantly remarked from his seat across the path.

Semaia looked up, ‘You’ve read his work?’

He held up a battered copy he’d filched from the university while he was visiting Brythorn, ‘Anyone who hasn’t is at best an ignoramus, at worst a peasant.’

‘Perakus says “He who defiles the name of lesser men will in turn be defiled by them. That which is deserved comes to all men”.’

‘He also says “All is fair and forgivable in the pursuit of love.”’

‘He says no such thing!’ Semaia protested.

‘Doesn’t he?’ Tiemil asked innocently, ‘I must be confusing my philosophers again.’

‘Perhaps you are confusing philosophers with monkeys?’

Hidden from sight under the drooping branches of a willow tree, Anjez and Kara could hear all that was going on. Anjez smiled, stifling a laugh at his sister’s prim response.

Kara stood against the tree trunk, entranced by the patterns of sunlight falling through the verdant leaves. She looked down at Anjez, seated against the tree. She could only see the top of his head but she knew he was smiling. ‘I think he is in love with her.’

‘How can you tell?’ he titled back his head.

‘He’s actually making an effort. Usually Tiemil’s tactic when wooing a girl is to grin rakishly in her direction and wait for her to come running. Semaia didn’t fall for that. The way he figures, it must be love.’

‘He wouldn’t dare lay a hand on her.’

‘Of course not.’ She placated him.

‘I’m glad. I’d rather not string him up by his under-drawers from the flagpole.’

Kara giggled, ‘That would be a sight to see.’

He grinned devilishly, ‘Maybe I should anyway?’

‘No!’ she laughed, ‘That would be cruel!’

‘But amusing?’

‘Very. In fact, I’ll have to get you to teach me that trick before you leave. Never know when it might come in handy.’

Anjez’s smile disappeared. He stood, placing a callused hand on her cheek, ‘I wish I didn’t have to leave you. Ever.’ He whispered.

‘Anjez, I-’

He laid his free hand on the small of her back, pulling her close and pressed a finger to her lips, ‘Shush.’

Time seemed to slow. There was only his warm hand on her back and her beating heart and the clean, masculine scent of him as his lips came closer.

‘Anjez! Anjez, where are you?’ Kalisa’s adolescent voice broke their focus.

Kara pulled away first. Anjez grimaced. Kara could not help laughing, ‘Your admirer is here. You’d better go see what she wants.’

Resignedly, he stepped out from beneath the willow. ‘There you are!’ she exclaimed, fixing Anjez with her most beguiling smile, ‘I’ve been looking everywhere for you! I’ve been practicing with the bow using those techniques you showed me but I need some help.’

‘Well,’ Anjez smiled indulgently, ‘Tell me.’

‘I can’t, I have to show you.’ Kalisa replied, grabbing Anjez’s hand and dragging him towards the training grounds.

Kara shrugged as if to say what can I do? and went to rescue Semaia from at least one of her own ardent suitors.

‘Tee!’ she called.

‘What?’ he replied irritably as he came over, ‘I think she’s falling for me!’

‘As if by falling you mean increasingly likely to hit you over the head with a blunt object then yes, most definitely. Besides, Brythorn needs practice talking with girls. I’ve seen deer less shy than he is. You, on the other hand, are undeniably practiced.’

He grinned, ‘I am, aren’t I? And I’ve the entire time aboard ship to win her over. How long is it? Two weeks?’

‘Three,’ Kara sighed, ‘And you get seasick.’

‘Then she can nurse me.’

‘Eugh. I don’t even want to discuss that. Come, I think we’ve let Anjez to Kalisa’s mercy long enough.’

8 thoughts on “WIPping it.

  1. kathils says:

    I agree with Kate, excellent dialogue. Love the witty, sharp tongues. Oh . . . and that kiss was soooooo close . . . Several lines had me chuckling out loud. Good thing no one else is in the office yet!

  2. elaine jeremiah says:

    That’s a great extract. I love the characterisation, the way that all your characters have their own definite personalities. There are some very feisty women in your story which makes it fun to read!

  3. Raewyn Hewitt says:

    Love is in the air – nothing like a person trying to impress another. Although I imagine the reality of being nursed through seasickness isn’t quite as he imagines it. But you’ve gotta love his optimism!

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