Confessions: An addiction

We haven’t had a proper little confessional in a while, have we? Well, today shall remedy that. I must confess to you, dear reader, my addiction to that orange button (which I am convinced is magical). Yes, I am addicted to the little orange button that tells me you’ve liked my post or commented or followed me (in a non-stalkerish way, I’m sure). In fact, I even go so far as to write a post that I know will prompt words of encouragement or praise or question just so I can get my fix. But really, can you blame me? I am sure we’ve all fallen prey to this bug before. If you haven’t, you haven’t been here long enough. That said, while it is pleasant to have your ramblings acknowledged, I don’t write for you. I write for me first and foremost. Well, me and the voices in my head.

Have a nice day, folks.

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