Who is your audience?

Hello hello anonymous cyber faces! How are you this fine/not-so-fine/non-descript/other day? As you may have noticed, over the past few weeks my posts have become more and more nonsensical, unstructured and honestly, pretty rubbish. What is the cause of this, you wonder? Well, me. That is, I have neither the time nor the inclination to any longer pretend to be anything other that what I am and as for writing to an audience, I am the audience. So are you but to be frank, as I can neither see, hear or definitively ascertain that you exist, I’m writing for me. It may be nonsense, it may be drivel but as long as it is my nonsense and my drivel then that is fine. Also, I’ve been a nit slack with updates recently, mainly because I haven’t been working on my WIP’s at all. No, I’ve been focusing on my assignments and research and essays like a good student (and spending way too much time watching Skins, a t.v. series that I still cannot decide whether I like or not even though I’m 3 series in).

Also, I feel I’ve been wasting too much time on memey things and tagy things and generally little things which is all well and good but now that my free time is limited I think I really need to focus more on my manuscripts.

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