Honesty is the Best Policy

Writing. Words. Letters strung together in the hope that we will find a combination that makes sense of the world. Here is my dilemma; it is not necessarily that I do not have time to write than it is a lack of dedication to the task. I’m not lacking in inclination but only in ideas and the willingness required to forces those ideas onto the paper. I plan to finish Book 1 in June/July when I have holidays. And yes, that is the same manuscript I’d hoped to have finished before February. It’s getting towards the pointy end of the semester and to be honest, in my carefully laid out life plan, becoming an author happens around age 40-60 so I’ve still got 20-40 years to work on it. Not that I would argue if someone offered to publish my work for me before then. The honest-to-God truth of writing is that it takes years to create a good story. Yes, there are some authors who can spew out great works in a month or two but I’m fairly certain they had help of the not-entirely-legal variety or intense sleep-deprivation, which basically has the same result. I have forgotten the point I was going to make here and while I could wait until it comes back to me, I prefer to be honest with you.  So good luck in your own endeavours and I’ll keep you updated but those updates may not be that exciting, for which I apologise. Sort of. 😛

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