Guess what? You are not going to believe this – it’s Wednesday already! (insert usual blah blah here. You all know the drill) Here’s the link to join –  I can’t promise cookies but I can promise fun.


Because I’m not entirely cruel, instead of a single word, the following is an excerpt from the first chapter. After Kara is forbidden to leave the palace after another disastrous incident involving flowers, a horse and an overactive lady, she and her cousin Tiemil sneak out of the palace, accompanied by Kara’s nervous maid, Lyea.

Rotten fish was the primary stench that assaulted the trio as they emerged, blinking, into an anonymous alleyway. Still, it was a marked improvement on the tunnels which had smelt undeniably of human waste.

‘I hope you have a better way of getting back in because I am not going through there again.’

‘Of course I have, Kara. So little faith.’


‘Use the front gate.’

‘Are you mad?’ Lyea demanded before adding a hasty, ‘my lord.’

Tiemil laughed, ‘Has the king forbidden you from entering the palace?’

‘No.’ Kara replied, puzzled.

‘So he won’t mind if we do so.’

12 thoughts on “WIPpet

  1. Kate Frost says:

    I’d try the front gate too rather than be assaulted by the stink of rotting fish and human waste again… I’m intrigued too by the incident involving flowers, a horse and an overactive lady!

  2. Raewyn Hewitt says:

    I got distracted by the cookies… until I realised you said no cookies, but fun! (I can get on board with that!).

    The fish / human waste smells gave me such a great impression of where they were! Loved it.

  3. Eden says:

    Something makes me suspect that getting in the front gate is not going to be that easy. But the again, if it were, it wouldn’t be worth setting up this way. Like it!

  4. Eve says:

    so smart . hide in plain sight . LOVE the idea…. but i would ahve been so annoyed if you only did one word!!!!

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