Dearest Readership, I love you.

As every author/writer/person-who’s-cobbled-together-a-few-sentences knows, your readership is important. Not just in terms of identifying your target audience, or feedback, or how they help you improve. We must always be grateful to those who spend a moment of their precious time, in a world where time is the surest form of currency, reading our work. So this is a shout out to everyone who reads my blog, especially to those who follow it but also to anyone who pops in for a look around: THANK YOU for 2000 views (that WP is willing to tell me about, we all know it went through a bit of a phase last year where it didn’t tally hits properly but that’s another story). Milestones are important, even if they’re small ones so here is a cake:

I reached my last milestone, 1000 views, in January, nine months after I started this blog. Slow and steady is my motto, but this blog seems to be picking up pace. If you like what I write and want to tell others to come have a peek, who am I to disagree? I would, after all, do the same for you. And as a reward for your patience, perseverance and other p words, here is an update 🙂

Queen of Hearts

a.k.a ManuscriptK, Daughter of Kings, the-one-that-is-still-not-finished

Word Count: 67, 257 words.

This is the work that I take my WIPpet’s from and the prequel to the WIP I created this blog to document. I’m two or three chapters from the end, really struggling with writing a battle scene so if you have any tips or know any good links, point me that way, good friend.

Rebellion Rising 

a.k.a I-should-really-get-on-with-that

Word Count: 24,890words.

Have not worked on this for months. Planned to go back to it once I finished QoH but as that hasn’t happened yet…

Essays and Life in General

I have three essay’s due for uni next week; totalling over 5500 words. Which isn’t much…sometimes. One of them is complete and another half drafted. As for the third, well, I still have a week…

6 thoughts on “Dearest Readership, I love you.

  1. jmmcdowell says:

    Congratulations on the views! They do pick up momentum, even though WordPress still doesn’t record them all. 😉 If people read a post through the reader, it doesn’t count as a view in your status unless they leave a comment. So our “totals” appear lower than they really are.

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