The times when you are unsure how much to say (WIPpet edition)


It is Wednesday once more and time for a WIPpet. Join us if you dare.


Today is the 8th and the excerpt is from the 8th chapter. A lot is revealed in this chapter which affects and alters the rest of the book so the excerpt I have provided is very edited. I don’t want to give anything away. All I will tell you in the way of context is that Kara has found a victim of a planned attack, not quite dead but dying. When she and her guards arrive at the scene, she sends them after the fleeing attackers while she tends to the victim.

‘Did you catch them?’ she demanded of the returned guards.

‘No, my lady,’ Finnix replied, ‘But we did find this.’ He handed her a dirty, torn scrap of cloth.

In the corner was a T, painstakingly embroidered in red silk. It had taken Kara hours to sew. Shivers raced down her spine. Surely there was some mistake? Some innocent explanation?

14 thoughts on “The times when you are unsure how much to say (WIPpet edition)

    • ReGi McClain says:

      By the way, do you have a Twitter I haven’t found? I go about tweeting the WIppets on Wediesdays or Thursdays (or Fridays if you’re over the date line).

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