WIPpet Wednesday.


Once again, it’s WIPpet Wednesday. Feel free to play along. The rules are simple: Every Wednesday (or on whatever Wednesday(s) during the month you chose to do so) post something from a current WIP, and share the link. The only stipulation is that your post coincides with the date in some fashion. For instance, today is the 5th. If you were posting today, you would post 5 words, 5 lines, 5 paragraphs, something from page 5, the 5th chapter. . . you get the idea, right?


Today’s contribution is a section of my WIP I wrote on the 5th of February, 2013.

Fire. Heat. Flames dancing like hanged men. Tavius ran. He did not know where to or what he would do when he got there. He only knew he had to escape the horror of the carnage behind him. He stared up at the sky and screeched WHY! The sky gave no answer. As he ran on, he trawled through the events of the past day in his mind. He remembered the joy of victory, confirmed by the sight of a large wooden horse, its rearing hooves just visible over the city walls. Of the Farilien army, there was no trace except for a few circles of ash and the scent of despair. If only we had known! he cried to the wind. The wind gave no answer. Instead, it tormented him with the scent of ash and roasting flesh; of dead comrades and crushed hopes. WHY? He demanded the stone walls answer. The stone walls kept their secrets.  Dreams of family turned to dust. He would not escape. He could not escape. Even now the fire breathed hot on his neck. Tavius ran. He imagined he could hear a hundred, hundred hoof beats beyond the walls. His ears swivelled towards the sound. WHY DID YOU DO THIS? He asked the hoof beats. The hoof beats replied with the roar of ten thousand voices, VENGENCE AND VICTORY! He rounded a corner, trapped in the cage of defeat. Flames erupted from a building. Tavius ran no more.

14 thoughts on “WIPpet Wednesday.

  1. Eléonore says:

    Why. WHY do you torment us so!!! just a few snippets never getting to read the full story!!! Just release it into a book , ( which is much harder than it sounds) so you can sett us free from your cliffhanger!!!!!

  2. kathils says:

    Wow. I was breathless by the end of this. Well done! I love that nothing but the hoof beats answer him, and then, what an answer.

    • Ink and Papyrus says:

      Glad you liked it. As for you request for more, I’m doing a special pre-WIPpet post on Friday where I ask you all to comment on which of my excerpts you want to see continued most. 😀 So maybe, if the odds are in your favour 🙂

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