WIPpet Wednesday


I know I say this a lot but Wednesday has arrived again, out of the blue, though with all the access to calendars, I should have seen it coming. 🙂 Anyway, the rules are simple; post an excerpt from a WIP which correlates somehow to the date. You can find links to the other participants of WIPpet Wednesday here.

pgebreak Today, being the 3rd of July, I’m giving you 3 paragraphs from the tentatively titled Rebellion Rising. I considered only giving you three words but I thought that was a bit cruel and also, I need to make up for last week when a typo led people to hope for 26 lines rather than 26 words. Oops.

Tasyn is found drunk and asleep while on watch by his captain. Oops…

The Captain glared at him in disgust, ‘Gin.’ he remarked, nudging the now empty bottle with a polished boot. Tasyn did not deny it. ‘I should think a good whipping and perhaps a discharge without owed pay are in order.’ he spoke calmly, his voice full of contempt, ‘What to have to say to that?’

‘Bout time, I’d say.’ Tasyn replied unwisely, his judgment still impaired by the cheap gin.

‘Fine by me,’ Captain Traetin replied as he bodily hauled Tasyn to his feet and began to unceremoniously drag him back to the camp, ‘The boys could do with a little entertainment.’


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