Scavenger birds stealing my words.


Once again, the WIPpet birds fly down to prise some words from my novel. The rules are simple; post an excerpt from a WIP which correlates somehow to the date. You can find links to the other participants of WIPpet Wednesday here.


Today is the 10th so I owe you ten somesomthings. I could be really cruel, call ‘WIPpet math’ and give you five words based on the premise that 5 is half of ten. But that’s dodgy math to say the least. So here is ten(ish) sentences. After the whipping promised last week, Tasyn is abandoned in the desert, at the mercy of the nomadic tribes who roam the sands. Captured by a group of them, he is surprised to find himself sitting with the chief while his arrow wound (sustained the day before in an attack by the nomads on the main body of the army) is attended to.

‘Ah, yes, the arrow,’ Tekmal remarked casually, ‘an unfortunate accident on our behalf.’

‘I heard a rumour you never missed.’ Tasyn grumbled.

Tekmal’s eyes narrowed slightly, ‘We don’t.’

Tasyn took a moment to process this information.

‘It was to get your attention.’ Aline’s tired voice muttered reproachfully in his ear as she sent Tekmal a venomous glance. Tekmal had the wit to look ashamed.

‘Certainly did that.’ Tasyn replied.

Tekmal ignore him and continued, ‘You see, we have been watching you for some time now.’ he held up a hand to silence Tasyn. ‘And I have reason to believe that you and I share a common goal.’

‘Enlighten me.’

19 thoughts on “Scavenger birds stealing my words.

  1. kathils says:

    “Enlighten me.”
    I concur.
    *taps foot impatiently* What’s a person need to do to get enlightened around here? Get shot with an arrow?
    Never mind. 🙂
    Hee, hee. Well-done again. Really curious as to where this all leads.

  2. Gloria Weber says:

    Nothing says, “Hi, we have commons goals! Let’s talk!” like an arrow. I mean, just ask The Green Arrow, right?

    So, tell us! What is that goal? We wants to know!

    (Another awesome excerpt!)

  3. Adrian says:

    Love the last line! Leaves so much for the reader to wonder about…would be interesting if it didn’t immediately go into the enlightenment phase. =P great excerpt!

  4. Eden says:

    I love the way Tekmal says “We don’t”. It stands alone even without the the narrowed gaze….

    And I went back to peek at last week’s piece. Taysn… *slaps the boy silly a moment* When are you going to realize that gin is bad for you? At least drink wine for the antioxidant value. 😉

  5. Emily Witt says:

    Oh dear, I turn up here and there is lots of blood and pain and death happening in the comments. I hope I am safe! :p

    Love the snippet, it is very intriguing, and I love the “It was to get your attention” line. I heard it in my head in a really “Come on, dude, get with the program” kind of tone.

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