Violent Desire

…for more words. Well, this is why we can’t have nice things. I thought about giving you guys a nice chunk just to stop the violence but then I thought, no, that would just encourage you.


If you’re new to the WIPpet bandwagon, you can find the other participants here. The rules are super simple; your excerpt has to relate somehow to today’s date.

As mentioned up top, you guys got a tad violent last week so instead of 17 lines which I was going to do, here’s 17 words.

‘Anrien*.’ Tekmal smiled.

‘Impossible.’ Tasyn snapped.

‘Difficult, yes, but not impossible.’

‘What makes you think I’m interested?’

* Note: Realised some of you might want this for context – Anrien is a concept rather than an identifiable nation. It was subsumed into the Haelean Empire 60 years prior to the current action and therefore the likelihood of it gaining independence is, as Tasyn so succinctly puts it, impossible. But then, impossible things exist to be proven wrong.

17 thoughts on “Violent Desire

  1. MDY says:

    Does this end up being part of something bigger? I always wanted to go to Anrien but whirlpools. And border taxes have tightened of late…

    • Ink and Papyrus says:

      Don’t start me on the border taxes! And yes, this excerpt, as well as the ones from the last couple of weeks are part of my current WIP which when completed will be a (hopefully) nice sized novel. It’s about half way through at the moment though. 🙂

      • MDY says:

        Impressive – can’t wait to hear about the end product. Have walked so far into the river of words, as hard to go back as o’er, something something…

  2. Kate Sparkes says:

    Interesting! I appreciate the extra information, and I’m curious about how a concept gains independence. Not going to say anything about the word count… but I liked this.;)

  3. ReGi McClain says:

    We got violent last week? O.o I must’ve missed that.

    So… an independent concept? I’m not sure I understand. Is this like a political movement that’s only in the concept stage? Or a nation that once existed and wants to exist again? Or more of a type of government, like autonomous collectives? Or something like a theocracy as in the newer Star Wars’ trilogy’s ruling Jedi counsel?

    • Ink and Papyrus says:

      Yes, it got quite violent. I put a link in the post to last weeks. Read the comments. It was…interesting. And as for Anrien, it was a country which defeated Haelea’s first attempt at invasion so the Empire, when they finally took over, wiped Anrien from the history books. It makes sense in its original context and originally I wasn’t going to publish it in WIPpet but other readers were baying for blood so I put it up.

  4. Sarah says:

    Read last week’s comments and well… okay, so people got violent, but look! It’s a whole week later, and everyone’s okay. A *little* bit of harm, a *little* bit of foul, and now… I guess that equals *little* bitty sentences, huh? They were intriguing ones though, especially with the clarification of Anrien, which was appreciated 🙂

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