Wet Wednesday


It is again Wednesday. *sigh* I considered not posting today. It’s winter in my part of the world and a cold, wet disgusting winter at that. After spending all day at uni in the rain and with amount of required readings building up around me at an alarming rate, I felt I couldn’t be bothered. But fear not my dear WIPpeteers, I pushed on!

Without further ado (you all know the drill by now. Check here for more awesomeness), here is 15 (7th + 8 for August) words from Rebellion Rising. Set pre-previous excerpts. This is a younger, less alcohol dependent Tasyn.

Tasyn had no money other than the five coppers he needed for the enlisting fee.

Also, I’m starting up a new weekly thingy and would love it if you all got involved. Short Story Saturday is an opportunity for you to post, in serial, a short story over a few weeks. You can find more information here and sign up here. Hope to see you all then. 🙂 Also, I’m tagging it on twitter as #ShortStorySaturday

14 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday

  1. kathils says:

    Fifteen words! Ugh! Such a tease. Hmmm…that Saturday bit sounds interesting. Just what I need, another WIP project.

  2. Eden says:

    Sometimes life gets a bit chaotic… We do what we can. Fifteen words but a lot of worldbuilding and a bit of characterization all in one.

  3. Gloria Weber says:

    If he had been a copper short there would be no story!

    Short Story Saturday sounds interesting. I’m sorry to say though, I cannot. I do wish the short storyers the best!

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