Tis a Silly Scene


So, my merry WIPpeteers, we meet again. As it’s the 2st and I have admittedly been a little mean in my offerings, I have for you 21 lines. For those of you new to the game check out this linky for more awesomeness.

This is just a fun little scene which may or may not make it into the final draft where Tasyn is basically playing the other characters against each other and annoying them for fun. Because why not?

Taysn’s shirtlessness did not escape Tekmal’s notice when Tasyn finally arrived in the council chamber, nor Aemi’s as he passed by the river on the way to meet his summons.

‘My lady!’ Tasyn called cheerily as he approached. Every eye followed him. ‘Lady Aemi!’

Aemi turned to meet him; her cool gaze swiftly melted at the sight of Tasyn’s state of undress, ‘My lord?’

‘I came to apologise for last night. I did not realise you were waiting on my arrival and then you disappeared so quickly.’ He took her hand in his and kissed it, a soft whisper of a kiss, ‘I hope I have not offended my lady?’

Aemi giggled, ‘No, my lord, you could never.’

Tasyn bowed, ‘I am glad to hear it, most beautiful lady. Now, I must go, duty calls. But I shall return. For you.’

Aemi almost fainted with excitement, a state confounded by the blatantly seductive look Tasyn threw over his naked shoulder as he departed.

‘See, Rea?’ she taunted, ‘You are nothing to him.’

Rea did not need to reply.

Tekmal, however, was less impressed, by Tasyn’s ‘disregard for men who would sacrifice their lives’ for him. ‘Fetch him some clothes!’ Tekmal commanded.

One of the men nearby hurriedly removed his vest, honoured to be of service.  Tasyn donned the garment which smelt rather strongly of stale sweat and a particular vintage of mead local to the area.

‘Well,’ Tasyn remarked casually, dumping himself in the proffered chair, ‘don’t let me interrupt you.’

8 thoughts on “Tis a Silly Scene

  1. Elaine Jeremiah says:

    I like the way Tasyn is fully aware of the feelings he’s arousing and is being deliberately provocative. And of course a good looking man without his shirt on is always to be ogled at!

  2. Eden says:

    Tasyn, like his author, likes to tease and play games, I see… 😀 Fitting. Evil, but fitting. I guess it’s why we coming back for more.

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