The Notebook, Part the First.

My notebook in all its notey glory.

My notebook in all its notey glory.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that writer in possession of ideas will be in search of somewhere to put them. This is where notebooks come in, or in this day and age, phones, tablets, laptops, computers and smoke signals, though probably not the latter, it can get costly. I don’t know about you but I like my notebooks just so; black pen, single lines between related stuff, double lines between unrelated, new page for utterly unrelated thingies. It makes it look neat and readable and logical which helps my scatterbrain sort out what’s what. I’ve decided, upon reflecting that my posts are often sporadic at best, to try an initiate a regular notebook day where I post little excerpts from my notebook. They could be poetry, flash fiction, an idea I had for a character or a fact about palaces in Mycenaean Greece. Everything I post in this section will be raw, unedited, word vomit but I am fond of it, even if it tends to the dramatic or plain bleak at times.

The first instalment for Notebook Day (if anyone could come up with a better title, that would be awesome!) is a little poem.

Fighting the demons in your head

With swords and spears and

Things we should have said.

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