The Notebook, Part the Second.


So, for my second instalment of The Notebook (more creative name somewhere in the works) I have the beginning of a story that’s been nagging at the back of my mind for a few weeks now. I haven’t had the time to develop it yet but hope to once exams are over in a month.

The letter arrived one Tuesday, unexpected. Who sent letters these days? Elizabeth wondered, sliding her thumb under the tab. More to the point, who knew her address? Even she had trouble remembering it unless it was written down.

Also, in other news, I have started a pinterest board thingy which you can peruse if you want to see what my characters sort of look like for Queen of Hearts and I’ll be writing up a post on language because I got a lot of feedback after my WIPpet post on Wednesday on that.

4 thoughts on “The Notebook, Part the Second.

  1. justanotherfirstyear says:

    Your Pinterest board is amazing!! I never thought about using it for character/setting inspirations, but I might start doing it, especially in the lead up to Nano. Also, I love reading the snippets from your notebook, they’re so interesting and inspiring! 🙂

    • Ink and Papyrus says:

      I hadn’t thought about it much before last week but someone mentioned it in a post and it’s brilliant! And time consuming but mostly brilliant. 🙂 I’m glad you thing the notebooks excerpts are interesting because they’re basically just whatever pops into my head. 🙂 Good luck with nano! 😀

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