The Notebook, Part the Third


Yep, still haven’t managed to find an interesting name for this segment but oh well, onto the action I say! But before that, I wanted to let you know about a charity event my friend is organising. You can find info here. It’s to raise money for girls in Sierra Leone to go to school and I am really passionate about this cause. As writers, we value our words and our education because without them we wouldn’t be able to express ourselves the way we do. This is our chance to give others a chance at what we have. Please at least read the info and while I know many of you will be unable to attend the event (due to things like oceans and thousands of kilometres) it would be amazing if you could donate even just the time it takes to click that there link and read what it’s all about. 🙂

While I acknowledge that this is a tad melodramatic, I still love the image it evokes so you’ll have to forgive me my follies just this once. 🙂

If looks could kill, I would leave a trail of corpses back to the desolate shores of my pre-existence.

Yep, talk about morbid….

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