WIPpet NaNoWriMo Style


So today is Wednesday but it also happens to be the first Wednesday of National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. Indeed, we participants are (depending on your time zone) 6 days in or so nearly six days that it makes no difference and we are expected to hit 10,000 words today so in the spirit of NaNo, my WIPpet excerpt is from the piece I’m working on now. It relates to today’s date because it was written today. #natural #nomakeup So it is very raw and unedited. Without further ado, I present the world premier excerpt of ‘Enarenel’.

They were forced to pick their way down the steep rock face on the impressions of stairs carved hundreds of years before and now mostly erased by wind and rain. Halfway down the cliff face they rested on a ledge and watched the sun come up over the city, bathing it in gentle golden light. The view reminded her of her perch atop Lord Corrin’s house. She wondered whether Arden still remembered her and if they ever met again, whether they could still be friends. She hoped so but her life had taught her to expect disappointment. As the Master said, disappointment was just what dreamers called reality and Eriden was no dreamer.

In other exciting news, I have tickets to go see GRRM read from his new book! Arhdpfijshpuh! So excited!!! 😀 That is all.

9 thoughts on “WIPpet NaNoWriMo Style

  1. kathils says:

    Quick typo — second sentence “Halfway down the cliff face the rested” should be they. 🙂 I know, rough. Rough. But it jumped out at me so there it is. 🙂 Good luck keeping up with your NaNo goals. Good start here.

  2. Eden says:

    A strong sense of place in this piece, though only a small sense of the character’s situation… Understandable given that it’s a WIPpet. NaNo-rough pieces also have their own challenges, as Im sure we’re all familiar with. Glad to know that you’re keep up with the wordcounts.

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