NaNo WIPpet Wednesday

Once again it is Wednesday and once again, I don’t really care. Currently in the midst of my annual holiday fog, I’ve left actual writing to the way side (including NaNoWriMo) in favour of reading, gathering ideas and inspiration and beginning to map out some short stories. Today’s excerpt is from my NaNo piece which stands at just over 30,000 words and probably won’t make it more than 5000 more before the end of the month. It will be finished sometime but not this year. There will be a post on all the gory details later.

27 words. A discussion with an old … friend. Eri calls in a favour with someone who owes her a lot.

Kelt: ‘Not my problem.’

‘Very much your problem,’ Eriden argued, ‘You ruined my life, Kelt. The least you can do is try to help me fix it.’

10 thoughts on “NaNo WIPpet Wednesday

  1. kathils says:

    Firstly, love the name Kelt. Secondly, very powerful line that certainly leaves the reader wondering. Thirdly . . . um . . . didn’t really have one, but I was on a roll. Not a literal roll of course. That would be messy.

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