Return of the WIPpet

Finally out of the post-NaNo slump and raring to go again. I was stumped trying to think of what to post for today’s WIPpet, trying to think back to those misty times before November but in the end I decided to go with a section from page 22 of Rebellion Rising (11 for the date multiplied by 2 because I forgot about last week).

Tekmal reveals his elaborate plans to Tasyn who finally realises just what he has got himself into.

Tasyn rested his hand on the sturdy oak table in front of him, overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the task at hand. ‘So.’ He swore under his breath. ‘Do you realise how insane this is? This effort to try and reinstate a hundred monarchies in places where there has been no king in a thousand years?’

Tekmal spread his hands on the table, ‘We cannot defeat the Haeleans on our own. And we must ensure that they cannot rise against us in the future. Besides, not every country is reinstating a king, as we are. Things are changing, Tasyn. The world is on the verge of reforming itself in a grand and varied image. We are about to enter a new age of humanity! Jarl will have twelve councillor-kings, as before, each from a merchant family. The Hellenisians have created an entire new way of governing in which each man elects his representative.’

‘And Anrien? What reforms will it see?’ Tasyn raised an eyebrow.

‘The reinstatement of its rightful king, you.’

‘With unlimited and unrestrained power?’

‘Yes, if that is what you wish.’

‘It is not.’

8 thoughts on “Return of the WIPpet

  1. kathils says:

    I love the last line. I truly find kings or other rulers/people of power who don’t necessarily want power to be fascinating. Moreso, how they reconcile the fact they are entitled to it, possibly need it, yet have no desire for it.

  2. Eden says:

    Interesting… a side of Taysn we haven’t seen before. Of course, why he doesn’t want this power is the interesting part. Is it because he also doesn’t want the responsibility or what?

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