“Okay? Okay.” – The Fault in Our Stars Review

This should keep me busy for a while...

This should keep me busy for a while…

Author: John Green

Genre: Contemporary YA

Rating: 4/5

John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars tells the story of sixteen year old cancer sufferer Hazel. It has been one of the most talked about books in the last 18 months and everyone I know has read it. All I knew before I started was that it was about a girl with cancer and I was guaranteed to cry. Apprehensive that it would be just another flat love story (or heaven forbid love triangle) I did not read it for ages but I am so glad that I did.

The characters are engaging from the start, real, fallible and brutally honest. The prose is magical. Brisk and to the point most of the time but with an artistic flourish not overdone. The relationships are plausible, there is no insta-love and there are so many beautiful moments. I have no other words for this book and my review doesn’t do it justice. Tears are guaranteed. The often dark humour and voice of narrator Hazel bind you to her plight while simultaneously condemning the sometimes condescending pity society conditions us to feel for the ill. I would definitely recommend you read this is you haven’t already and because it has rendered me pretty much nonsensical, below is a list of other places you can find more eloquent reviews. 🙂

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