A Day of Promise

New Year’s Day is basically viewed as a giant reset button these days, as if one night of admittedly little sleep, that last drink or chocolate before the clock ticks over to the next year and a hurried list on a scrap of paper will somehow ensure that brand new sparkly life you’ve always looked for. Don’t get me wrong, goals are great to have and the first of January is as good as any other day for making those resolutions but like with everything in life, you have to be prepared, to go in with a game plan and backup and the knowledge that you might fail in your first attempt or your second or third or fourth or even fifth but that you will never succeed if you give up.

With this fully in mind, I have made four simple goals to achieve during 2014. I will not succeed immediately, it will be hard and there will be days when I will want to give up but I have an end target in sight to help me along.

1. Write more. Everyday. Let people see what I’ve written. Accept criticism with grace and praise humbly.

2. Save up enough money to go on exchange to Denmark in 2015.

3. Get healthier.

4. Improve my grade average from average to good.

Simple enough goals, totally stock standard but I’m going in with a game plan and hopefully that will aid my success. These aren’t New Year’s Resolutions so much as goals I’ve been working towards for a while but which the impending changing of calendar has prompted me to reinvigorate.

Do you bother with New Year’s Resolutions or do you prefer small goals anytime in the year? Or are you happy to fly through life by the seat of your pants? 🙂

7 thoughts on “A Day of Promise

  1. kathils says:

    I don’t know that I fly by the seat of my pants, but I’ve given up setting goals on Mondays or the First Day of Sometime. I think because I don’t break my year into those chunks. If I see something that needs changing, or that I want to achieve, I try to find a way. Sometimes I go back and take a look at my list. Maybe add to it, maybe move something up the priority list… but that’s ongoing.

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