Notebook Nibble: January is Here


Sorry this post is a bit late, it has been so hot and predicted to get hotter in the next week (up to 111 degrees F on Thursday which is ridiculous, especially considering the freezing cold temperatures in America over the last week or so) and I have to force myself to do anything in the heat. It is a huge demotivater. Nevertheless, here I am. 🙂 The notebook is almost full now, 12 months after I started it, which is really excited. It is the first writer’s notebook I have maintained and hopefully it will be  a brilliant record of my creative and emotion journey over the last year. I think the success of this notebook was down to my decision not to pigeonhole it to only one purpose. Instead it stands as organiser, essay/research notes, a place for my creative thoughts and an informal and often philosophical journal.

I wrote today’s offering when I was taking down all the posters in my college room and packing to move home again for the summer.

There is a glaring empty space on the wall

An absence

A hint of moving out, moving on


And just a reminder that you can see my Summer Review Series here. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Notebook Nibble: January is Here

    • Ink and Papyrus says:

      Yes, you definitely should! I used to hear people always saying ‘keep a notebook’ but it always seemed like a chore before. With the one I use now, it is easy to keep it up to date. I think the secret it picking a notebook that looks good and feels nice to write in and to let it serve more than one purpose. 🙂

  1. Josh says:

    I think that too. It has always seemed like a chore to me. I have loads of diaries(I collect them #GUILTY) but can never be bothered writing my appointments in them. Is there some tips you can give me, to use my diary more and stay organised??

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