A Romantic Glimpse


I’ve spent the better part if the last week editing Queen of Hearts. It has been really interesting to read over little scenes and incidents that had completely forgotten about. And it has taught me two things; 1. I still love the story even after all these years (which I was beginning to doubt) and 2. I have no idea what I’m doing so editing etc may take another seven years. We shall see.

Onto the WIPpet, hosted by the lovely Kathi. As always, you can find other WIPpets here.

Today’s post is in honour of Valentine’s Day on Friday. 200 words because it is the 2nd month (02) and if you reverse the numbers and add another 0 it reads 200, And because I said so. 🙂 A romantic little scene between Kara and her fiancé Thoren. This scene makes me smile even though in the whole scheme of things it leads to terrible, horrible things because Kara is so happy and innocent here.

Kara first went to the balcony overlooking the ballroom, searching out her fiancé amongst the throng of color below. Spotting him talking to his sister and brother-in-law, she hurried to the staircase.

The herald banged his staff twice. Its echoes reached across the wide space, alerting the guests to another arrival, ‘Her Highness, Princess Karavere Anya-ren si Piren Astyrin of the Blessed Kingdom of Fariel.’

Taking her cue, Kara descended the steps. Three hundred pairs of eyes watched. The crowd parted as she walked through. Although she acknowledged the greetings of the courtiers, her attention was focused on the handsome young man waiting for her in the center of the room.

‘Lady Karavere,’ Thoren bowed over her hand, his lips brushing the back of her hand like the wings of a butterfly.

‘Lord Thoren.’ She stepped into his arms, noticing how perfectly her head fitted under his strong jaw and wondering what it would be like to run her hands across his bare chest.

‘You came.’ He murmured as if she had agreed to meet him in a secret forest bower.

‘I came to dance.’ She replied.

The music started and he led her to the dance floor. ‘Then let’s.’

8 thoughts on “A Romantic Glimpse

  1. kathils says:

    Ah…very romantic. I hope she holds this memory close in the bad times. I wonder if you could draw this out a bit to add to her anticipation? Show us more of how it is to walk through that sea of people holding on to the site of her beloved like a beacon, her nerves jittering…

  2. Eden says:

    I like how Kara plays coy at the end, and how her fiance plays along… as if they fit as well in personality as her head fits under his jaw. Nicely played, but I agree with Kathi… string us along a bit more. Make the anticipation stronger….

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