Feeling The Publishing Love

A tale of where we hope to be and where the amazing Lynette now stands. Congratulations to Lynette and happy dreaming to the rest. 🙂

Lynette Noni

Ever since I signed my publishing contract a few weeks ago I’ve been completely overwhelmed by support and encouragement from friends and strangers alike. I keep having to pinch myself to see if it’s all actually real! I feel like I’m floating on air, and every time I receive a new note of congratulations it just makes me fly higher into the sky. So, thank you, fellow readers, for being so incredibly amazing.

I’ve received some really beautiful gifts over the last couple of weeks (most of which have been food-related and absolutely delicious!). I’ve been uploading photos to my Facebook page and Twitter account, but I also wanted to share some of the pics here, since they’re a part of my ‘writing journey’.

First up is the death-by-chocolate yumminess that my amazing publishers, Pantera Press, sent me. Words absolutely cannot express how delicious the variety of chocolates were in this package! And, as…

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