Tragedies and the Loss of Innocence

I don’t know how to describe my feelings about this WIPpet post. The events that occur in the scene I will present break my heart but mostly because I know what has happened, and what will happen. Hopefully for the rest of you, without all its context, it won’t be too disheartening. But more on that later. As promised, here is a glimpse of some of the architectural elements I’ve been working on.

Funerary Complex

Funerary Complex

Sacred path - detail

Sacred path – detail

Temple of the Flame

Temple of the Flame

By next week I will have posted a more detailed post with lots of back story and also the drawings I have of the different house building styles that can be found. Excuse the wonkiness of the drawings, it is not my strong suit.

Anyway, back to the main business of today, the WIPpet. As it is the 19th of March the following is a scene from Chapter 19 of Queen of Hearts. It’s seven chapters on from last weeks post and unfortunately lacks the lightheartedness and innocence of the last scene I posted. In terms of context – Tiemil and Karavere had a huge fight and falling out after which Kara decided to ride back north un-escorted across a war torn country and Tiemil solaced himself by drinking a ridiculous amount of alcohol. Because, you know, that always solves problems. Not.

The messenger rode into Bridam exhausted. His horse stumbled along the cobbled road to the palace perched high on the cliff. He considered walking to spare his mount but he doubted his legs would hold him. The guards at the gate demand he dismount then laughed when he fell. He struggled to his feet, “I have a message for the princess.”

The head guard looked him up and down, “What business does a soldier have with Princess Taia?”

“Not Taia,” the messenger croaked, “Karavere.”

The guard rolled him eyes, “Oh. Her. Haven’t seen her in a few days but her pet is here. He’s your best bet.”


“The cousin. Timal or Thermal or something.”


“That’s the one. He’s probably in a tavern or if not, a brothel.”

“Many thanks.” the messenger took a step forward and found a heavy hand on his chest, “Not through here.”


“The supply entrance, further along the wall. Best not to draw attention to yourself, rumour is the king wants Tiemil’s head on a plate.”

The messenger nodded. With heavy steps, he went searching for Tiemil. He found him in the barracks, well into his cups. “My lord, I have a message for Lady Karavere. They tell me you are the person to see?”

Tiemil looked up from his card game, “They?” he snorted, “They know nothing.”

“I must give my message to Lady Karavere and she alone, by order of Lord Anjez.”

“What is it? A love letter? You should have handed it to her when you passed her on the road.”

“I did not see her, my lord.”

“I am no lord.”

The messenger acknowledged him, “When did Lady Karavere leave?”

“A week ago? Might be less; might be more.”

“Then I hope for her sakes our people find her before the Haeleans do.”

“She knows the route to Adelton well enough.”

“Adelton fell.”

13 thoughts on “Tragedies and the Loss of Innocence

  1. Emily Witt says:

    Ohhhhh crap. I love reveals like this after a falling out between characters, and the regret/remorse and ensuing dashing around trying to make sure things are okay that follow.

  2. kathils says:

    Excellent. Just the way the messenger is treated–and he takes it all in stride. Then his last comment. *whomp* Sucker punch to the guts. Very intense scene.

  3. ReGi McClain says:

    In guessing that last line is going to be the catalyst for the next scene. It’s clear these guards have not been instructed to slow much respect for the extended royal family. I assume that will come back to bite them.

    • Ink and Papyrus says:

      Yes and no. They have no particular loyalty except to their commander and technically Tiemil isn’t part of the royal family because he is the illegitimate son of the queen’s father’s illegitimate daughter. It’s complicated. But yes, the last line certainly proves a catalyst fro a lot of things. 🙂

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