A Journey Through Time

Last Friday I opened WordPress to check and reply to the comments and found a surprise waiting for in the notifications bar – a trophy and a congratulatory message on two years of this blog. Two years is a long time and I have trouble believing it is that long because it feels to me as if I have not progressed in my writing journey at all in those two years, which sort of renders this blog useless as its purpose, apart from documenting my progress, was to force me to write more regularly.


So to celebrate my blogiversary, I’ve been looking back to the post I made last year for the 1 year anniversary and to the first post I ever made.

This is how it began:

So, by some whim of fate or divine intervention or chance, whichever takes your fancy, we find ourselves here. And what is the significance of this? you may well ask. The significance is this. You will, if you so choose, be joining me on a journey as I attempt to write a novel. I plan to document the entire process from an admittedly patchy first draft to, hopefully, the eventual polished publication of my novel.

And you are invited to share the journey. So take my hand and let us begin…

In the two years since I made the first post I have:

  • rewritten Queen of Hearts
  • made little progress on Rebellion Rising
  • participated in NaNoWriMo
  • moved away from home to start university
  • entered competitions and short stories that may never see the light of day
  • written numerous poems
  • created a language and not one but three different religions for my works
  • mapped lands and waters that exist nowhere but in my mind and now, on a piece on paper
  • published articles in my college magazine
  • reviewed books
  • read thousands of blog posts, researching and preparing
  • studied creative writing and learnt that there is not one way to success
  • changed majors from something with practical potential to something that I love
  • shared my work with you all through WIPpets each Wednesday
  • met an amazing bunch of supportive and encouraging people who have made me realize that writing is not a solo journey but a pilgrimage of like minded  souls

In my celebratory post last year, I tallied the number of followers and views and comments but I won’t do that this year because it is not the steps that count, nor the destination, it is the journey that makes this writing endeavor worthwhile. So to those of you who have been following me from the start and those of you who joined me along the way, I want to say a heartfelt thank you for helping to make this journey memorable.

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