A Belated Happy Easter and a Timely WIPpet

Hello all, I hope you had a lovely Easter filled with family and chocolate. Today is Wednesday and I do have a WIPpet for you bit I think from now on I’m going to take a slightly different approach to WIPpet Wedensday’s. Rather than post random snippets, I’ll post consecutive ones starting with today’s offering. And it’s not the only thing I’m changing around here. You can read more here  and also see what I’ve been up to with my editing process.

The excerpt comes from Chapter 23 of Queen of Hearts. Thoren has imprisoned Karavere in the castle of Lord Trent because of reasons and spoilers. All you need to know is that Kara is currently confined to her room. Please bear in mind I haven’t edited this piece yet. 🙂

Thoren thundered into the yard, wrenching his horse to a standstill at the last possible moment. A serving woman squealed in fright, dropping a basket of clean washing in the mud in her frenzy to escape his horse’s flashing hooves. Thoren laughed. He swung down, landing lightly on the bottom step to the castle door. The rest of the hunting party were nowhere to be seen, left to find their own way back after Thoren’s own triumphant entry.

“You there!” he summoned a stableboy, “Take the carcass to the kitchens and take care of my horse.”

“Yes, my lord.” The boy replied, struggling to wrestle the deer carcass down off the horse’s broad back.

Thoren skipped up the steps and flung open the doors to the Great Hall. He did not notice the portcullis in the inner wall close behind him. He went straight to the lord’s chambers, not caring about the trail of mud he traipsed across the fresh rushes. He took the stairs two at a time and came to Karavere’s door.

“Are you hungry yet, princess? I have deer. Beautiful, succulent, juicy venison. You are welcome to have some. If you care to join me at table?” There was only silence from beyond the reinforced door. “What? No answer? Perhaps you have finally found that thing which usually comes so naturally to women, blind obedience?”

Karavere stepped from the shadows of the doorway opposite, flanked by Tiemil and Lord Simeon Trent. “No, I have not. And I doubt I ever shall.”

13 thoughts on “A Belated Happy Easter and a Timely WIPpet

  1. kathils says:

    Woo-hoo! Take that you arrogant, pretentious…yeah. Nice set-up to that finish. I love the way she just ever so calmly steps out.

    • Amelia E. Browne says:

      Hehe calm under fire mostly. It’s always better to pretend everything has gone to plan than show relief that the lack of planning worked in your favor 😀 And yes, I too in the description had to restrain myself from calling him something inappropriate. 😛

  2. Adrian says:

    I was really hoping she wasn’t in the room, but this is even better!! I kinda want her to kick him in his special place, but that’s just wants. I do love how strong she is, and she doesn’t seem to lose her femininity in the process, which is fantastic!

  3. Amy says:

    Yeah, I echo what Adrian said. I get sick of badass women who are either LeatherSexy or unfeminine. Kara is great. I’m sort of picturing Thoren about to pee himself because she’s so intimidating here.

    • Amelia E. Browne says:

      He is certainly surprised, that is for sure. I’m glad both you and Adrian feel that Kara is a well balanced mix of kick-ass and feminine. It means a lot to know that my characters have an impact. 🙂

  4. Eden says:

    Had a little trouble imagining Thoren “skipping” up the stairs (and that deer must have been a small one… over compensating maybe 😉 ), but Kara’s entrance was priceless.

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