The Ticking Clock

Hosted by the lovely and prolific K.L. Schwengel, to who we are all eternally in debt, WIPpet Wednesday seems to be in full force. Unlike my assignments… Anyway, welcome. As I mentioned in my last post, I have decided on a new blogging format. Yes, I know, I’ve done so before with varying levels of success. Nevertheless, I am trying again and I thing this time my agenda is more manageable, covering my own tips on writing and related stuff, excerpts and updates on my work and reblogging the best articles I have found in the last week.

Mondays: 5 Things I’ve Learnt About _______.      Last Monday, I discussed 5 Things I’ve Learnt About Writing. During writing that post, I learnt that I have learnt more than 5 things about writing.

Wednesday: WIPpet, what else?

Friday: Reblogging helpful posts about writing, editing and the industry.

Now, before I get into the WIPpety goodness of today, here is a brief update on my works. I have done some editing on Queen of Hearts and come to the realization that I need to add in a few more scenes to make it more balanced int terms of perspective so until that is done, I don’t feel I can progress much more with overall edits so will be focusing on line edits and flow within certain sections. Fun.

Onto the main event! Remember, you can join the chaos here. 🙂

Today is the 30th of April so in honour of that, a brief excerpt from chapter 30 of Queen of Hearts, the first five sentences.

Night fell over the city. In the cobbled streets of the upper city, rich men counted their gold and readied their horses, ready to flee the city if their allegiances fell apart. In the lower city, no one cared. Kings and queens came and went. Dinner had a habit of disappearing if you didn’t work for it.

15 thoughts on “The Ticking Clock

  1. Adrian says:

    great excerpt! like everyone else said, the contrast in this snippet is great. Also digging your blogging schedule. I need to amp mine up a bit too!

  2. kathils says:

    I agree with Amy on showing the difference between the two parts of the city in just a few lines. And that last line…priceless!

  3. Eden says:

    That’s a perfect description of the attitude of the “unwashed masses” to the “hoity-toity” at least, unless the new rulers are insane. After all, those peasants re the ones who raise the wheat for the bread and mine the rocks for the walls and… They have to feel safe enough and stay healthy enough to survive and propagate… a lot harder to do in a pre-industrial society.

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