The Pirate Code: Sometimes Guidelines Are Worth Following

Hello hello. Wednesday is a busy day. Busy busy. Classes started back at uni this week and so far I’ve only had three of my four classes but they are all really exciting and interesting. 😀 I’m really looking forward to the rest of semester, which is not something I’ve wholeheartedly said before so that’s something.

For those of you interested in what else I’ve been up to, especially in relation to writing etc, you can read my latest ROW80 contribution.

You will be excited to know that this week, I used a little creativity with my WIPpet math and managed to find something to share with you that a) I haven’t shown you before, b) doesn’t contain spoilers and c) follows the WIPpet rules (which, if we’re honest, are more a set of guidelines :P).

The math is as follows: 30 (for the day) – 7 (for the month) = 23 = chapter 23 from Queen of Hearts. In my draft, the title of this chapter has a love heart next to it because what follows this snippet is one of my favourite scenes. 🙂 Context: who needs it? As the following excerpt is also the first lines of the chapter, feedback is appreciated. 🙂

Some travel advice, for free; never travel in Bashraan during a Succession. Blood floods through the streets and those who shed it do not give a damn where it comes from.

As always, you can join us here, or just use this handy linky tool to quietly stalk our profiles, whichever. 🙂


9 thoughts on “The Pirate Code: Sometimes Guidelines Are Worth Following

  1. kathils says:

    Nice. Okay, since you asked…I’d shorten up the very first bit before the semi-colon to give it more punch. Maybe something simple like, “Some free advice;” You don’t really need the word travel, as you’re giving that in the next part of the sentence. Just my two cents worth.

    As for the rest…wow. Nice way to start. That’s a powerful line.

  2. Amy says:

    I would replace the semicolon with a colon in the first sentence, and I agree with taking out “travel” in the first part. Otherwise, that’s certainly an interesting start to a chapter! And context is overrated. 😉

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