Sunday is like Monday, only better.

This is an intro to my post. Hello. This is my blog post. Hello. Topic: ROW80 update. Mood: potentially insane.

Edit Queen of Hearts

Editing…editing…I’ve thought about editing. I’ve planned which bits I want to edit. But honestly? Since last week I’ve worked on one scene. Because this is the first week back at uni for me, I’ve been focusing on classes and readings at the expense of editing time.


Wrote the beginning of a  draft for a short story on an idea I’ve been tinkering with for a while. Hoping that this process will help me nut out the motivations of a few of the characters.


I’m pretty pleased with myself on this account because so far, I’ve been consistently publishing two posts a week, one for ROW80 and one for WIPpet Wednesdays. I’ve also been trying to get to as many blogs as I can and comment but if I haven’t made it your blog yet, I’m sorry, I’ll be there soon. We can have tea and scones. It’ll be cute. 🙂


As I’ve been spending a lot of time working on a friend’s language, I haven’t really touched my main one for a few weeks because I don’t want to accidentally overlap them. Instead, I’ve been focusing on a sort of Common Tongue used by the empire and its constituent countries. I figured it had to be super simple so that is easy to learn and once learnt, the people won’t want to re-assume their own native tongues because they would seem way to complex. Sneaky empire language spreading tactics. 🙂 Basically, it’s really heavily based on Old English in its sounds and basic verb forms but does not contain any case, any person markers, minimal tense changes and a lot of nominalisation so you really only need a few hundred words to get by. As I said, the point is that it’s super easy to learn so if you’re willing to be a guinea pig for me, I’d love to test it out on you. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Sunday is like Monday, only better.

  1. shanjeniah says:

    It sounds like you’ve done well through the transitional period -that’s always a little dicey for me, too. If I weren’t eyebrow deep in drafting, blogging, revisions, and homeschool paperwork already, I’d love to test your language. Any chance you’ll want a guinea pig in, say. October? 😉

    For future reference, I’ll pass on the tea and have coffee (American tongue!), and I adore cinnamon scones. It’ll be adorable!

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