Updates All Round

Look at me being efficient and posting and stuff. 🙂 It’s very late right now. I should be sleeping. I think my brain is a cat. Here is my ROW80 update, and following that, an exciting WIPpet because it is Wednesday (just).

You can find fellow ROW80 people here.

Edit Queen of Hearts

Progress made, finally! I’ve said this before and I’ll no doubt say it again but I cannot thank my two betas enough. They pointed out the things I regularly do wrong and have shown me ways to fix them. =best


Essays. That counts as writing, right? Feeling inspired but have not actually written anything yet (apart from sections added in during edits)


I haven’t posted twice a week for a fortnight or so now but I’m relatively content. Also, American friends, is it true that you don’t use the word fortnight???


This seems to be the goal that one way or another I always work on. 🙂 This week saw grammatical developments in what I’m going to call ‘Common’ and the addition of some new words and concepts to Farilien. Much excitement 😀

Okay, now onto the WIPpet! As always, you can join the madness here. I know I always give slightly dodgy excuses for lack of context but this section doesn’t really need context. Math goes something like this (27+8)x(27+8)=70 (+1 because I’m nice) Words. Wordy words. Also, bonus points to anyone who catches my literary reference/allusion in this snippet. 😀 Please forgive the slightly weird phrasing of the last sentence…

Dawn spread rosy fingers above the imposing mountain peaks behind the city, casting an eerie glow on the remains of the Haelean camp. The cavalry stood untested at the gates, horses nervous with the smell of blood in the air. The fields beyond the river where only a day ago, the Haelean army squatted with the confidence of one who sees their victory assured, the ruins of tents and lives smouldered.


23 thoughts on “Updates All Round

  1. Adrian says:

    Yes, it’s true. We don’t use it. We wouldn’t say biweekly lol, that means twice a week. Anyway. Good excerpt! I thought Dawn was a character at first, but I love these descriptions. Can definitely see it in my head.

  2. Chris Kincaid says:

    I really think that we here in America should start using the word “fortnight”. I like it. It always reminds me of the Revolutionary War for some reason. Which is a great tie-in to your excerpt, which is brilliant. It’s great.

  3. kathils says:

    I love the word ‘fortnight’ and many of my characters use it. Frequently. Maybe too frequently. *adds ‘fortnight’ to list of pets to be exterminated* I think we should all use it. 🙂

    I love this excerpt. So moody. And the detail of the horses being nervous…very nice. I love those little things.

  4. Amy says:

    Lovely excerpt. Apparently, I’m literary-challenged, though, as I don’t know the reference. Ah, well.

    I like the word “fortnight.” It is actually a word that used to be common in American English. I think it’s just now considered old-fashioned. I remember reading a book as a kid and having to ask what it meant. Sadly, I don’t write historical or fantasy stories, so I’ll never use it. 😦

    • Amelia E. Browne says:

      I think it certainly has applications further than historical or fantasy writing. I use in everyday speech as do a lot of people I talk to. It’s interesting though that it used to be common but had gone out of fashion. It’s such a useful word! 🙂

  5. shanjeniah says:

    I use it. But I never let a little thing like whether the rest of my country does get in the way of a wonderful word. I man, we Americans are supposed to be independent individualists, right?! And then there’s that whole freedom of speech thing…

    It’s very late (well, early, at 5’27am!). The cat is asleep; I’m awake. Perhaps I’m not making much sense. But I feel like I could go one for a fortnight or so! =D

    Lovely image-painting in this snippet. It’s tickling something deep in my sleepy brain, but I can’t catch the reference.

    Please don’t make me wait a fortnight to read more! =D

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