The Last Parade of the Darlings

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Yes, it is Wednesday. Or at least in some parts of the world. I started prepping this post at 11:59 according to my timezone so that totally still counts as Wednesday, right? That means many things but most importantly WIPpet hosted by the gracious K. L. Schwengel. As always, you can join the crazies here.

The following is taken from Chapter 17 of Queen of Hearts and although I enjoy this scene I recognise that it will probably be cut from the final product because it does pretty much nothing in terms of plot except fill in a little about Kara and Tiemil’s journey south so here it is, the first and last time this little snippet will see the light of day. Enjoy. 🙂

(Lord Menon is the man sent by Kara’s father to keep an eye on her. In a watch every move, judgey kind of way)

Lord Menon insisted on accompanying Kara and Tiemil south to the capital so he could report, personally, to the ailing king. Between his pompous attitude, disregard for others and apparent inability to shut up, Kara couldn’t stand him at the best of times. Stuck together on the barge for ten days and she began to wish him serious ill. Or, at the very least, an unplanned swim in the dubious waters of the Tienese delta. A day after they passed through Riverton, she got her wish. As Lord Menon stood close to the edge of the barge, recounting the virtue of his daughter and reminding Kara that she could follow such an example, a north going vessel ran astern of their own vessel. The crash sent Menon flying into the water with all the grace of a bedraggled cat. The captain, busy abusing the offending sailors and casting probable aspersions on their parentage, did not notice. Nor did any of the crew running around the deck in a dither like a lady with a bee in her headdress.  For a moment, Kara let the obnoxious lord suffer before she threw a rope over board and with Tiemil’s help, hauled him onto the sodden deck.

She knelt down beside him, checking his pulse.

“What are doing?” he cried, sitting up,“it is most unseemly!”

Kara stood, “He’s fine.” she reported with a roll of her eyes.

“More’s the pity.” her cousin snarked.

“Do you think we should shatter his illusions about Lady Zetta?” Kara made sure Menon would hear her.

“It would break his poor old heart.”

Menon glared, “What are you saying about my Zetta?”

Kara and Tiemil shared a knowing glance.

“Only,” Kara smiled, “that I noticed she’s getting rather large around the middle.”

“But don’t worry,” Tiemil added, “The problem will fix itself in a few months.”

14 thoughts on “The Last Parade of the Darlings

  1. rachelalsowrites says:

    I refuse to allow you to remove this. It’s hilarious. And has so much character exposition in terms of their behaviour and attitudes. And I really enjoyed it. And, and yeah. You can’t get rid of it. *stamps foot*

  2. ReGi McClain says:

    Oh that’s funny! I’m glad you shared it even if it is getting cut. 🙂

    I gotta tell you, though, when you said, “the problem will fix itself in a few months,” my first reaction was *snort* If only… 😛

  3. kathils says:

    Granted we’re getting this out of context, but I wouldn’t cut it. There is quite a bit of characterization going on here, although I would have liked for her to wait a bit longer to throw the rope. *evil grin * Perhaps have the good lord Mennonite exchange a worried glance or two. Hee, hee. That last line is great, and this,” Stuck together on the barge for ten days and she began to wish him serious ill” priceless.

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