And so it begins again…

Today marks the beginning of ROW80 Round 4. This will be the second time I’ve participated in this challenge. My decision to participate in Round 3 was spur of the most, badly planned and poorly organised. This round I intend to adhere more to my actual goals and not allow myself to get as distracted. Because NaNoWriMo starts during this round, I sort of have two sets of goals, my normal goals and my during November goals.

Unlike last time, I’ve designed these goals to be broken down so I can properly measure how successfully I’m working through them.

Edit Queen of Hearts

Last rounds plan – edit some chapters by the end of the round. Sah specific, I know.

This round – edit for about an hour each on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Hope to edit a chapter per fortnight.

Social Media

Last rounds plan – blog twice a week.

This round – blog twice a week, minimum; tweet every second day.


Last round – write OR plan a short story of about 3000 words once a month.

This round – write for at least an hour three times a week on Sunday, Monday and Thursday. (+ blog writing, essays etc)


Last round – keep doing what you’re doing

This round – keep doing what your doing (+ one focused hour on a Wednesday). Also update the language page on my blog and post two more language posts. 😀

Uni Work

A new goal for this round which should be pretty easy seeing as I only have three more weeks of actual classes and one exam to sudy for. Although I do have a ridiculous number of essays due so…


This is another new goal for this round and although not directly writing related, I think it will help in terms of brainpower and overall health. At least Monday, Friday and Saturday as these are currently the days that I don’t do much physical activity.

12 thoughts on “And so it begins again…

  1. rachelalsowrites says:

    I hear you on the ridiculous number of essays front (ok, I only have two, but one is 9,000 words so that counts as like…3!). These goals all sound really good, good luck with them all! 😀

  2. mbarkersimpson says:

    These are great goals 🙂 I went for a measurable route too, though I have to take baby-steps because the whole goal and planning thing makes me twitchy! Having said that, I’m getting better at finding my balance and I know I’m going to learn so much during ROW80. It’s my first time, and as I’m a sponsor it’s twice as exciting! I look forward to hearing about your progress.

  3. Tammy J Rizzo says:

    Amelia, it looks like you have some pretty good goals lined up there. I like how you are getting a bit more specific this Round than you were last time – that will help you on your journey. I also like how you have put exercise as a goal, to help improve your mind and health, which will help with your more creative goals. I added exercise to my goals, too, for this Round. Here’s to a great Round for both of us! 😀

  4. kathils says:

    That’s a great set of goals. I bombed pretty badly on the last round as well, but I am determined to do better this time. Here’s to us both coming out the other side better than we went in!

  5. Denise D. Young says:

    I think having measurable goals helps immensely. Anytime we can break a larger goal down into smaller units, it helps make the goal more tangible. So if we’re writing a 90,000-word novel, breaking that down into 5K/week makes it seem achievable. Good luck with this round!

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