Yay! It’s Wednesday again. And yet again I am writing this post too late for sanity. I’ll try to keep it level but no promises. As usual, we’ll start with a ROW80 update and then move onto the WIPpet (this gives me a chance to work out what I’m going to share with you).

Edit Queen of Hearts

Moved onto editing Chapter 9 this week. It feels great to be finally making progress on this goal. Especially as it took me about four and a half months to edit the first seven chapters. Oops.

Social Media

On top of everything though I’m admittedly more active on tumblr at the moment. If you’re interesting in seeing all the exciting things I’ve put together in my conlangs you can find them there. 🙂 Could have been more present on twitter.


I did some actual writing this week. I know, unusual. 😛 I’ve also been planning out my stuff for NaNo although I realised that I didn’t write out a proper plan for one of the works I’ll be continuing and I cannot for the life of me remember what is supposed to happen.


This seems to be the one I goal I consistently meet which is fun and encouraging. This week I explained the noun making system for Sabhalin on my tumblr.

Uni Work

Had my last assessment (a presentation) today and planned the take-home essay that came out today before I let myself go on the interwebs. Hence why I’m writing this blog so late.


I haven’t exercised as much as I should but I’ve been eating healthier so that’s something.

Onto the WIPpet hosted by the lovely K.L. Schwengel! Oh bother, I’m meant to have it all worked out by now. Oops. <– that word seems to be appearing a lot today. Sorry.

Ok. Today’s WIPpet is again from Rebellion Rising  and follows on directly from last excerpt. It is 11 paragraphs according to my word county thing and 11 is half of 22. Yay maths.

Tasyn took a moment to process this information.

‘It was to get your attention.’ Aline’s tired voice muttered reproachfully in his ear as she sent Tekmal a venomous glance. Tekmal had the decency to look ashamed.

‘Certainly did that.’ Tasyn replied.

Tekmal ignored him and continued, ‘You see, we’ve been watching you for some time now.’ Tasyn opened his mouth but Tekmal held up a hand to silence him. ‘And I have reason to believe that you and I share a common goal.’

Tasyn fought the urge to roll his eyes, ‘Enlighten me.’

Tekmal smiled, ‘Anrien.’


‘Difficult, yes,’ Tekmal admitted, ‘but not impossible.’

‘And what makes you think I’m interested?’

‘Because I know who you are and, more importantly, who you can become.’

Tasyn’s interest was piqued, ‘And who is that exactly?’

*for those wondering about the title of the post, I was lacking inspiration and craving sugar.

27 thoughts on “Cake*

  1. kathils says:

    Love the last line. Oh, the almost last line. The one right before the cookie explanation. I’m liking this. It’s got my curiosity piqued to be sure. Who is Tasyn? Or, should I ask ‘what’ instead?

  2. Amy says:

    “Tasyn’s interest was piqued, ‘And who is that exactly?’” That would be my question, too. Why does everyone always think they know someone *that* well? It never works out exactly as planned! LOL. Great snippet!

  3. rachelalsowrites says:

    I thought there was going to be cake. I was really excited.

    I just love Tasyn so much. Especially “fought the urge to roll his eyes”. I get that.

    Great excerpt and great productivity! Thank goodness for uni being nearly over though, hey? Then again, November will just be NaNo craziness…

  4. sirenarobinson says:

    I wonder what that means. Hmm. Who is Tasyn? Or what is he? Though I agree with Amy. I hate it when people think they know me well enough to tell me what I am so my reaction would have mirrored Tasyn’s right there.

  5. shanjeniah says:

    *counts out Ghiradelli Caramel and Sea Salt dark squares, breathes sigh of relief, and offers them round*

    Uh-oh! Holy hidden identity, Batman.

    Oops. That just slipped out….

    You’ve caught my interest, especially since I think I’ve missed a WIPpet or two while madly plotting for NaNo (the madness begins in October, for me; I’ve already got almost 22K of open-ended outline – and I’m on scene 38/60, so it’s probably going to be about 30k before I get to the end…

    I want to know who, what, or otherwise Tasyn is!

  6. mbarkersimpson says:

    Oh, the plot thickens! I want more…please give us more (I’ll even bring the cake!). It’s good to hear you’ve been writing this week, though everything we do has an element of that…and creating…can’t forget the wonderful creativity which gets us through 🙂

  7. Elaine Jeremiah says:

    I like your comment about the title of this post. Made me smile. 🙂

    And I enjoyed the excerpt too. I had a look at last week’s as I don’t think I read it and I really enjoyed the two excerpts. You write well and I got a good impression of the characters and their personalities. It’s an intriguing story and makes me wonder what will happen next.

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