The NaNo Blues


It’s day three of National Novel Writing Month and if you’re a first time participant you may be feeling super proud of yourself and realised what you truly can achieve in a few days. Or maybe you’re disheartened, the stats bar not quite reaching the daily target. Maybe seeing that one of your writing buddies has already reached a huge milestone while you’re scraping by.

While it may be easy to fall into the trap of despair, remember, NaNoWriMo is not a competition between you and other writers or even between you and the daily target. It is a competition between you and yourself. If you only write once a week, then writing twice a week is winning. If you write everyday but only manage a hundred words, then two hundred words a day is winning. If, at the end of the month, you have only a few thousand words to show for it, you still have a few more thousand words than if you never started.

For me, the best part about my first NaNo was finding out how much I could do in a day, that I could write every day if I tried, that planning is probably helpful, that all it takes to be a writer is to write.

So don’t despair, NaNo is not a win/lose game, it’s a win/win. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The NaNo Blues

  1. rachelalsowrites says:

    Am I that buddy? I’m sorry if I’m that buddy 😦 You’re doing heaps well! In fact, I pretty much think that anyone who does NaNo is doing heaps well! I completely agree with this blog post, NaNo really is a win/win!

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