It’s Starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Greetings my Wednesday blogging buddies! I hope you’re all feeling amazing, productive and not too stressed in the lead up to the holiday season/end of the year. (Are we that close already?? Where did the last five months go??) As you may have noticed, I’ve been a little absent since the end of NaNoWriMo. I decided to take a week off from everything to recharge and recover from having my wisdom teeth out (it went well and thanks to all the lovely people who sent me their well wishes. You guys are the best 🙂 ) Yesterday, I started finalising the edits for Queen of Hearts before I send it out to those who volunteered to read it. It’s a tad daunting being at this stage of the process but I’m really looking forward to the next steps. I’ve also been busy packing for my overseas adventure. I’ll be studying in Edinburgh for six months and I am so so so so excited (and yes, to all those sharp eyed WIPpeteers, that’s the same uni/time frame as fellow WIPpeteer Rachel). I’m planning to start a travel blog while I’m overseas so I’ve been doing some research on that as well. So, in summary, ROW80 goals are progressing as I’d like them to although I would have liked to participate in WIPpet Wednesday last week. Alas, it wasn’t to be.

Speaking of, here is today’s WIPpet Wednesday contribution. As always, it’s hosted by the amazing K.L. Schwengel and you can check in on the other WIPpeteers here. Today’s excerpt is a sort of continuation from this scene from Queen of Hearts where we saw Patrun, working in the heat of Inbaas, find a letter with a purple seal. This letter eventually ends up in the hands of Semaia (Mai) who passes it to her brother Anjez. This is actually one of the few scenes where we get to see life in neighbouring Bashraan rather than Kara’s native Fariel. Enjoy. 🙂

The guards let Semaia pass without question and she hurried through the warren of courtyards and chambers to find Anjez. When she entered his room, she found him seated at his desk, pouring over a scroll in a foreign script.

He looked up and smiled, “Greetings, sister.”

“Greetings, brother,” she leant down and placed a kiss on his forehead, “I have news.”

“News?” he rolled up the scroll.

“From our friends in the west.”

“I see,” he lowered his voice, “What news?”

She passed him the now crumpled letter.

He unfolded it and read:

To His Serene Highness, Anjez, Prince of Bashraan and all its associated realms,

I write to warn you of an Haelean plot to gain by subterfuge the throne of Fariel. It is believed that this plot includes but is by no means limited to the murder of His Gracious Highness, Brythorn, Prince of Fariel and all its associated realms. In accordance with the treaty signed in Inbaas, born witness to by men and gods, I call you to the aid of your ally, the Kingdom of Fariel.

Further news to be delivered as it occurs. When the Haeleans threaten military action, you will be the first to know.

As always, your friend and ally, Her Gracious Highness, Karavere, Princess of Fariel and Duchess of Kandar.

“What does it say?” Mai asked, peering over his shoulder.

“It’s from Kara. She’s called to Bashraan for aid.”

“Then we must answer.” Mai replied.

“Indeed,” he nodded grimly, “we must.”

23 thoughts on “It’s Starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

  1. Adrian says:

    o.O and the plot definitely thickens. I can’t tell if his grimness is because of Kara or because of potential war or a mix of the both. I imagine that’ll be expanded on later. Yay for studying overseas! That’s so much fun!

  2. Amy says:

    I think it’s interesting that in the letter, she reminds him she’s his friend and ally. It’s subtle, but that’s kind of like saying, “Let me remind you I would help you if the situation were reversed.” There’s really only one option here, isn’t there?

  3. Tammy J Rizzo says:

    I think you’ll really studying overseas. 😀 I lived in Europe a few times – once in Germany, and once in Holland – and I loved it both times. Of course, I was a kid, not even driving yet, but still, I did love it. 🙂
    I’m glad you’re recovered from getting your wisdom teeth done, and from NaNoWriMo. Both of those can really take a lot out of you. I know they each took a lot out of me.
    Anyway, best of luck over there!

  4. shanjeniah says:

    I like this letter, and the undercurrents. I’m pretty sure I offered to read….send it on out to memismommy@yahoodotcom.

    Hooray for traveling and learning….,may it exceed your wildest dreams!

      • shanjeniah says:

        I’m excited! I’ll likely start reading next week, after my weekend away with the kids (I hope to finish my NaNo while away; fitting because that’s where I started it, too….).

        Then only 9 scenes separate me from ending the year with NO hanging WIPs! =D

  5. kathils says:

    Studying abroad for 6 months. How fun is that! Can’t wait to live vicariously through your travel blog. 😀
    I love letters like this, where words are chosen with extreme care to mean things much deeper than it would appear on the surface.

  6. Celine Jeanjean says:

    Glad to hear your wisdom teeth came out ok! And have the best time in Edinburgh, that’s going to be awesome fun!
    Despite living in the UK for 20 years I never went, I was forever travelling outside the UK, so I’m really looking forward to reading of your time out there!

  7. John Holton says:

    Wisdom teeth are a real pain, especially if they’re impacted and they have to cut through the gum to get at them. I bet it feels better without them.

    Nice progress on the goals. I hope you really enjoy Edinburgh; we went for our honeymoon (about two years after we were married) and loved it. Cold and damp… my kind of weather. Of course, we were there in the fall.

  8. Beth Camp says:

    Edinburgh! Don’t worry about the weather. We were there in October a few years back, and it was lovely. I hope you get to stay in Old Town where the history surrounds you. Even if you have to bundle up, I hope you can walk up to the top of Arthur’s Seat. I’m already looking forward to your travel blog. Tea and scones? The snippet you posted ends with real tension, as if the sister didn’t know what was in the letter or how her brother would react.

  9. Emily Witt says:

    Travel blog! Yay! Let us know when that is set up. I will definitely follow along. I do regret never actually getting myself organised enough to study overseas, though I guess it could always happen with post-grad one day. So exciting to be at the point where you’re sending the manuscript out to readers.

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