2015 is going to be a big year for me as I’m spending half of it studying on the other side of the world. Twelve months from now I will have completed my undrgraduate degree. This year is going to require more dedication, more conviction and more courage than ever before so I’ve decided to jump on the resolution bandwagon to help me make 2015 truly great.

Finish editing Queen of Hearts and begin to query it.
Learn and practice the art of the  short story. Enter at least one competition every 3 months.
Finish draft of Rebellion Rising by April/May. This will certainly be a challenge.
Write more days than not.
Maintain my blogs with a focus on quality and regular updates.
Achieve a healthy weight.
Finish degree with marks good enough to secure me a place in the honours program.
Explore the UK and Europe while I have the chance.

Most of all though, I am determined to challenge myself.

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